dimanche 4 décembre 2011

How to make young people read newspapers?

As discussed during the first classes of the “Mass Communication”, each group gave its own ideas about how to make the young generations attracted by a newspaper.
Pocket size, use familiar language, more colorful…okay, that were some ideas that won’t make the young generations BUY the newspaper.
So, as we know, advertising is the basic source of revenues for the newspapers. Also, advertising aim is to target large audience, so the larger it is, the better is the reach.

Let’s take L’ECONOMIST as an example of a Moroccan newspaper. That Newspaper targets very educated people. My idea is to sell that newspaper for free for students. For instance, L’ECONOMIST can make a partnership with Al Akhawayn University and make their newspaper available for the students. The strategy would be to construct shelves downstairs each building where students can take the monthly newspaper. It would be very interesting if the professor assign homework related to the article posted, to encourage the students read newspapers. If it works at al Akhawayn University, they could be sure that it would work for other Moroccan Universities. The advertisers would be delighted to see that L’ECONOMIST has made its audience larger, and will invest more to diffuse their ad in the

mardi 29 novembre 2011

Meditel New Advertising TREND?

Moroccans are bombarded with boring advertising that are most of the time targeting the lower illiterate social classes. I have seen the new commercials currently diffused in 2M and AL OULA by Meditel, and it looks like they wanted to target young generation or may be the older generation that wants to be cool?
Their message statement is “HELP THE CITIZEN STAY YOUNG”.
They tried to use humor appeal, and I personally did not get it. This was a very risky method to use and we as young people don’t want to be associated to this non classy image that reflects MEDITEL.
They tried to reposition themselves, due the strong competition especially from INWI that is using an extraordinary marketing communications strategy. (When thinking about INWI we think about classy young brand). If their purpose was to make people talk about them, it works since everybody is making fun at MEDITEL new adverts and the “famous” Moroccan figure used in it. From YOUTUBE comments, we can notice that a high number of people did not get it and did not want to be associated to that image.

jeudi 24 novembre 2011

"The Joneses"

Posters are group of persons who are selling indirectly some kind of products.
A poster pretends to be someone he is not, by living a life that's not his life.These people are well paid to make people appreciate them and want to be like them. Their main objective is to make people buy some given product. People think these people to be normal like them, but they are not. They are indirect personal sellers. This method is mainly practiced in the united State and a movie has been made to talk about it and to make people aware of the existence of such kind of advertising which is said to be selling a life style and not  simple physical products. Their first aim is make people relate hapiness to the acquisition of some products.

The "Joneses" movie (2009) with DEMI MOORE and DAVID DUCHOVNY, talks and gives more details about that kind of advertising. (A MUST SEE)
"A seemingly perfect family moves into a suburban neighborhood, but when it comes to the truth as to why they're living there, they don't exactly come clean with their neighbors."

Source http://www.psprint.com/resources/small-business-marketing/posters/poster-marketing-essentials.asp

jeudi 3 novembre 2011


"The Illuminati are an evil group of elite and powerful people, who are rarely seen in the public's eye.They are the perpetrators of the New World Order. They are demonically influenced and controlled by Satan.The Illuminati love to hide things in plain sight. Symbolism and occult imagery are subconsciously perceived, but on a conscious level they will not be seen."

There are actually a lot of subliminal messages in Disney movies and most of them are sexuelle. They are targeting children from a very early age in order to have the biggest impact on these children development and mind set. By targeting children the illuminati can secure their world order and eliminate or minimize any futuristic resistance.

Their primary objective of targeting children is to promote a world of illusion  ( and  make sure that the future generations do not see through the symbols and the communication done by the illuminati to increase their wealth and power in their so cold new world order. This illusion consists of promoting a false and twisted image of happiness and how happiness can be achieved, this includes an implicit message of that happiness can be achieved by materialistic goods. Which make children from a very young age oblige their parents to buy for them thing they do not need.
One of the many strategies used by the illuminati is to projecting sexual related symbols in children’s programs and movies. Whereby they make people addicted to and controlled by sex.

    dimanche 30 octobre 2011


    More and more marketing dollars are beginning to shift toward social media marketing and this trend only continues to climb.
    Here are 4 studies that show how Facebook is undoubtedly a leading online social business.

    Average American Spent 7 hours on Facebook in January

    Facebook has officially become a favorite pastime for many . The average time users spend on Facebook is 7 hours per month (a 10% increase).  To put that into perspective, Yahoo! is in second place, but with only 2 hours 28 minutes per month

    44% of Social Sharing on the Web Is Driven by Facebook

    Based on Gigya’s data, here’s the distribution of shared items on the web:
    • Facebook: 44%
    • Twitter: 29%
    • Yahoo: 18%
    • MySpace: 9%

    Facebook Yanks Number 2 Spot From Yahoo

    According to a Compete.com reportFacebook has surpassed Yahoo, now taking its place as the number two most popular website in the U.S.  (Facebook, 134 million unique visitors in January 2010)

    Facebook Boosts Sales and Customer Loyalty

    Facebook fan pages may work best as niche marketing programs targeted to customers who regularly use Facebook. Facebook fan pages offer an effective and low-cost way of social media marketing.

    Comments:These studies show how much influence has the social media in people's everyday life.The impact is also affecting more and more businesses that are using nowadays these media, in order to target their customers and lower the cost of the marketing campaign. As almost all kind of customers have a Facebook account and spend more and more time on it, it becomes easier to reach them and increase their awerness about a certain brand, product/service, promotions...We also discussed today in the television chapter that all businesses are MONEY oriented. So the larger and the more profitable the audience is, the better it is for the business (specially if the cost of marketing campaign is "0" on Facebook).